Terms & Conditions


This trip will take place in June 2018. By signing this form you are giving consent to the following information:

1. All monies you pay is non-refundable unless the trip is cancelled, we reserve the right to refuse your space on the trip at any point, in this case we will therefore refund your money.

2. You understand that although we will try our best to put friends in the same room, there is a chance you may have to share with people you don't know and of the opposite sex (Silver Package).

3. You will need a valid British or EU Passport, if you don't have one you will require a VISA, if for any reason you are detained at customs you will be responsible for yourself.

4. If you damage or deface anything at the accommodation we are staying at, you will be personally be held liable.

5. If you are caught trying to bring drugs back to the UK you will be personally be held liable.

6. If you are not there at the given time to get on the coach in the UK, it will leave without you. If you miss the coach when returning from Amsterdam you will be personally responsible for finding your way back to the UK.

7. If for any reason you are arrested in Amsterdam, you are personally responsible for your actions and all legal actions taken against you.

8. We strongly advice that you get travel insurance; if you lose anything or are injured in any way you are personally responsible for your medical bills.

9. You understand that Project X  & TNR  are only responsible for providing transport, accommodation and organising all the activities on the trip, you are responsible for your own well being.

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